Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What’s productivity?

  • Ever had to wait at a restaurant, bank, government agency, and then been given bad service? 
  • Ever wondered why organisations give you what they think you need and not what you want?
  • Ever wondered why some people are run off their feet while others can stand around and chat?
  • Ever wondered why the urgent always gets done, but not the important things?
  • Ever wondered why committee, project, and team meetings are endless and go nowhere?

That’s because Productivity in those organisations is on the backburner.

The idea of Productivity is too important for it to go away and it continues to evolve to remain relevant to all who work in organisations. By focusing on productivity you can increase the efficient and effective performance of an organisation’s systems & frameworks, its processes, and roles.

Productivity is about adding value through changes in the outcomes we seek, and the way we achieve those outcomes.

Productivity is not some distant idea irrelevant to us: Each one of us can learn how to improve productivity in the workplace, can improve others lives, and benefit from it ourselves – get satisfaction.

 There are many different ways to improve and measure Organisational Productivity, and while each can be based on a "Cost Benefit" assessment, the way this is done and the outcomes achieved vary.

This because Organisational Productivity can cover, for example:
  • The efficiency and effectiveness of organisational systems and frameworks;

  • The efficiency and quality of services provided;

  • The efficiency and effectiveness of team and job roles.

In addressing productivity, it’s not just about doing things better, and adding value to ours, others, and the organisations achievements. It’s about improving our satisfaction in what we do and who we provide services to. 

Want to know more? Then click onto this  Soft Productivity  SlideShare Power Point.